The Island & Town Pag

THE ISLAND PAG – The island Pag is one of the most interesting and largest Adriatic islands. It’s rich with rare plants and about 500 plant species are found here. The diversity of plants communities, as well as the salt, brought with the northern wind known as “bura”, makes the special pasture for sheep and the result is a world famous cheese.
The olives, some 700 years old, growing from rocks of the northern part of the island, Lun, are unique in the world. The big green areas are in contrast to stone deserts (like the moon surface) everywhere along the island. Numerous beaches on the coastline with crystal clear sea – make Pag the ecological pearl of the Mediterranean. The produce of salt, near the town has been established since Roman times.

THE TOWN PAG – Founded in the 15th century by the famous architect and sculptor Juraj Dalmatinac, well known for the cathedral in Šibenik and his masterpieces in Venice (Porta della carta) and Ancona (Loggia dei mercanti). It’s one of the most preserved urban units of the Adriatic – an example of the ideal renaissance town. Outstanding is the parish church, the benedictine church and convent, with a number of works of the art and the relic “San Thorn”; the Duke palace, city tower, the wall remains and other palaces. The lace from Pag is on the top of needle works of the world.